First Half Betting

First half betting is exactly that- betting on the first half of a baseball game. These bets are also available in football and basketball and would account for two of the four quarters.

So what exactly is the first half of baseball defined as? Well, most sports books define the first half as 5 complete innings, while others define it as 4 1/2 innings. You will have to check with your sports book to be certain which rules apply to you.

Since starting pitchers usually only last for the first half of the game, you are essentially betting on the starting pitchers performance only, without having to take the potential risk on the performance of the bullpen.

If you have a good understanding of each starting pitchers attributes and don’t necessarily look at the bullpen, or aren’t confident the bullpen can perform when called upon, then first half betting may be for you.

First half betting is often advantageous as games can often take a totally different trajectory once the starting pitchers have left the mound. When betting on the first half only, you usually don’t have to rely on the performance of the bullpen. Also, you may notice that the starting pitcher should put up a solid performance, while the bullpen may be struggling.

First half betting will provide the option to bet on the money line, run line, and total, just as you can for a complete game. Of course, since you are only wagering on either 5 innings (or 4 1/2 innings at some sports books), the posted total will be lower than that of a full game, while the run line will also be less than that of the complete game.

Note that first half lines usually aren’t released until some time after the full game lines are released, therefore you may have to wait longer to be able to place a wager on the first half.

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