Live Betting

It doesn’t get much more exciting that live betting. Live betting is just as it sounds- betting LIVE as the game happens in front of your eyes.

Not all sports books offer live betting, and not all games are always offered at those sports books that do offer live betting. Believe it or not, there are lots of bettors out there that don’t know live betting even exists!


Keys To Live Betting

  • Speed. There is nothing more annoying then a slow internet connection, or a slow website server, preventing you from getting your live bet in. Since the game is live and things are constantly changing, the odds will constantly change, and may even be pulled completely off the board before you can get your wager in. Since baseball is a slower paced sport, there is generally more time to get a bet in, since there is often a few minutes after each inning, and during commercials, etc.
  • Odds. Some of the sports books that do offer live betting have such ridiculous juice on their lines that they aren’t even worth betting. We’re talking something like odds of 1.85 on either outcome (example Astros 1.85 Jays 1.85) when they would be 1.95 before the game at a reduce-juice sports book, or 1.90 at your standard sports book. Just because it’s offered doesn’t mean you should take it!
  • Mobile Friendly. Since you are betting live on the game, chances are you are watching the game, therefore the chances that you are behind your desk on the computer aren’t very likely. You might be at the actual game in the stands, at Home on the couch, at the local sports bar, etc. The point here is that you are  most likely going to place your live bets on your smart phone, so make sure you select a site that is mobile friendly. This sort of goes hand in hand with the speed factor, as a non-responsive website will make it harder to navigate on your phone, making it more difficult to get that bet in in time!

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