Propositions, better known in short as “props”, are some sort of event that will happen either during the game, season, or potentially some kind of other event that may not necessarily have anything to do with the end result of any particular game.

Generally, propositions that are made for a later point in time, like betting on a team to win their Conference, Division, or to win the World Series, are called “futures”. “Futures” are still technically propositions, but since they will be happening in the “future”, they are separated from the single game props.

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Single Game Propositions

You can usually find single game propositions, or “props” each day of the season which will be posted for each of the games that day. These can very greatly depending on the sports book. Single game props could be something like ” will the game go to extra innings YES or NO? Or “which team will score first”, “first team to score 3 runs will be”, or something of that nature.

Finding Proposition Bets at Bet Online:

Finding prop bets at Bet Online can actually be rather difficult until you find out where they are located. We’ve made it easy for you:

1) Log on to

2) Click SportsBook at the top menu bar, second from the left.

3) On the left hand menu called “sportsbook lines”, scroll down to the second last line titled “Futures & Props”.

4) Click the “+” sign beside “Futures & Props”. Props and futures for all sports are now displayed.

5) Navigate through the sports. The prop bets currently available for baseball are:
“MLB Futures”, “MLB Player Futures” and “MLB Season Wins”.

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