Sports Insights Review

Sports Insights is an invaluable piece of software every sports bettor needs to acquire if they   want to know exactly what’s happening at any given moment in the sports betting marketplace.

Sports Insights is jam-packed with information and features, and features real time odds, betting trends, and bet signals- which makes it a must have sports betting tool for any serious sports bettor.

Sports Insights software is web based- which means you can log into it at any time, instead of having to download software onto one PC. Your purchase of Sports Insights also grants you premium level access on their mobile app which is also a very useful tool.

Odds from 40+ Sports Books

One of the greatest features Sports Insights provides is live odds across 40+ sports books. As soon as any given line changes, it will be highlighted in red/orange, and will then proceed to the color yellow to indicate the line recently changed. You can also customize which sports books will appear on your dashboard and in what order.

Line History

Simply click on any given line and odds and Sports Insights will show you in-depth line history at whichever sports books line you clicked on. You can filter across the 40+ sports books in this window to make historical line data even easier to browse across multiple sports book. You can also select between “Game”, “1st Half” etc, and Money line, Spread, Total, and additional spread.

Line Prediction Tool

Sports Insights utilizes an advanced computer model that can most often accurately predict line movements before they happen. They analyze 10+ years of public betting percentages, line moves, betting volume, steam moves, latest injury news and weather updates. The line predictor tool is very simple to use: it points either up, or down. Simply hover your mouse over the arrow and you will presented with the details on which way Sports Insights predicts the line is going to move, and percentage of confidence in the line move. I.e: 93% confidence that Minnesota will go to -125. You can click on the arrow and you will be presented with detailed information and recent history of the line movement predictions and whether they were correct or not.

Line Watcher

Perhaps one of the most important and useful features of Sports Insights is the Line Watcher. Simply set an alert (email alert, popup alert etc) that will trigger whenever a selected game moves to a desired line chosen by you, at the sports book of your choice. With Sports Insights line watcher, all the work is done for you. You can track lines for full games, halves, openers etc.

Betting Picks / Bet Signals

Another useful feature is the picks available with the Sports Insights Premium Pro Membership. These picks are available across the MLB, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL, and NHL. There are three different picks, or ” bet signals”, explained below:

Sports Insights Best Bets

The Sports Insights Best Bets are the official picks of the Sports Insights team. They analyze all of the information each day and select which bets are the best bets to make.

Reverse Line Movement Signals

Reverse line movement alerts are when the line moves in the opposite direction, contradicting the betting public percentages. This is also referred to as “smart money” as it is an indication that a large sum of money was placed, likely by sharp bettors or betting syndicates. .

Contrarian Betting Signals

Contrarian betting is betting against the public. Contrarian alerts are made when the software decides it is wise to bet against the public for a variety of reasons. The betting public is usually wrong, which is why it can be profitable to bet against the public.

The above bet signals and best bet picks can be sent to your email address, and can also be set to “pop up” while you are using the Sports Insights software, and can also be set to “pop up” on the Sports Insights mobile app.

Betting Trends

Sports Insights features real-time betting trends from seven participating sports books. You can see betting percentages on the spread, money line and total. Betting percentages can be displayed based on the averages of the seven sports books, and can also be broken down by each individual sports book. Sports Insights also has a “value meter” that displays why there may be value on a line based on the public betting percentages.

Member Ship Options

Now that you know what Sports Insights has to offer, you can find information on pricing below:

Standard Membership- $49/Month

  • Real Time Odds (Limited)
  • Betting Trends (Limited)
  • No Picks Included.

Premium Membership- $149/Month

  • Real Time Odds Included
  • Betting Trends Included
  • No Picks Included

Pro Membership (BEST VALUE)- $249/Month

  • All Real Time Odds Included
  • All Betting Trends Included
  • All Betting Picks/ Bet Signals Included

Sports Insights is currently offering a special introductory rate which is only $79 for a Pro membership. You truly have to experience this software first-hand, once you begin to navigate the software you will wonder how you ever placed a bet without it!

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